What are Commission Portraits?

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The custom painting are like living story expressed on the wall. Indeed a good way to decorate the wall or you can say the customize wall.

Installing a piece of portrait of you and your loved ones is the most rewarding process the results in a special representation to build and even add the personal legacy.

The professional commission art when a client hires an artist to create the masterpiece and customize. This process can be done online as well.

The custommayyarts.com is an online portal where you get your commission portraits to compliment your emotions. The piece can be customizing according to your wish.

The artist Mayy is a designer and unshakable optimist who works with you to create the most thoughtful personalized gifts for your loved ones through the art of digital painting.

Everyone needs something that piques their interest. For me, it's watercolor painting. Painting is a form of expression for me, an escape from reality. It might be difficult at times, but then it can be thrilling following through with something I'm inspired by. Watercolor allows me to experience those feelings.

At Custom Mayy Arts, love to bring watercolor into your personalized piece of art. To me, each picture has a tale to tell, and I'd always love to hear yours.  We create the custom Hand-painted Family Portrait painting from individual photos, Family Portrait from Multiple Photos, Watercolor Portrait from Photo etc.

The most thoughtful and sentimental gift idea

Our product is a watercolor family portrait created by combining several photographs. You provide us with all of your family members' and pets' photos, even your deceased loved ones', and we'll create a digital hand painting out of them using a drawing tablet. We may also print an actual physical family art portrait for you!

Many customers choose our family paintings for anniversary presents, Father’s Day gifts, Mother’s Day portraits, Christmas presents, and memorial keepsakes to commemorate the deceased loved ones.

How It Works

Digital Download Option:

The digital artwork is available after 3-5 business days and ready to be sent to you via email after your approval, so that you can conveniently print it yourself at any local print shop. There will be no physical prints mailed to you if a Digital Download is chosen at the time of order. You can upgrade to other options later if you wish to have us print and ship it to you.

Physical Print Option (Poster, Canvas, Canvas Frame):

The wait for the first proof is usually 3-5 business days. After the proof is approved, please allow 3-7 business days (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and holidays) to print the artwork.

We hope to bring happiness and tears of joy into your home with the watercolor family portrait from photos.