How do I turn a Photo into a Watercolor Portrait?

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The fluidity of the medium is sometimes a stumbling barrier for artists learning how to paint watercolor paintings since it makes the paint less predictable. Successful watercolor artists know how to strike a balance between control and freedom in their work, employing watercolor painting techniques that produce effects that are more often than not unintentional. Tips to Turn a photo into a watercolor portrait:

Tip 1: Paint the skin first, then add all the detail for the eye, lips, nose, and other features. Working in layers will help you preserve control of your watercolors. If you painted everything within one layer, the colors will flow into one another, resulting in a massive mess. As a result, instead of approaching your artwork in stages, you should begin with the skin.

Tip 2: When painting the skin, use the wet-on-wet approach. This will assist you in avoiding sharp edges! Pre-wet the paper surface where the skin will be, then drop your mixed skin tones and shadows onto the wet area. The watercolors bleed into one other because the paper is already wet, resulting in a natural color.

Tip 3: First, mix all of the skin tone colors together. This is critical because you can only concentrate on that area while the paper is still wet when employing the wet-on-wet approach. If you mix a shade after wetting the paper, it will begin to dry, and you will have very little time to complete the layer. Before painting with your colors, try them on a scrap piece of paper.

Tip 4: First, paint a light foundation wash over the skin, matching it to the lightest tone of the skin in the reference. After it dries, moisten the skin and use the wet-on-wet technique to build up all of the shadows on top.

Tip 5: It's important to work in layers. You won't be able to paint the skin in one layer (for starters, it'd be a nightmare!) If your paper starts to dry while working wet on wet, let it dry before wetting it again and painting another layer. When the paint is dry, add more.

Mayy is a designer and unwavering optimist who uses the art of digital painting to help you make the most thoughtful personalized gifts for your loved ones. Something that piques one's curiosity is required for everyone. Watercolor painting is her passion. Painting is a way for her to express herself and a way to escape reality. It can be challenging at times, but it can also be wonderful to follow through on something that has motivated her.  Watercolor gives her the opportunity to feel such emotions. Mayy constantly works and loves to incorporate watercolor into your personalized piece of art at Custom Mayy Arts. Each image, in her opinion, has stories to share, and she would be delighted to hear yours and help you bring to life with her portraits. From individual images, we produce a unique Hand painted Family Portrait painting from Multiple Photos, Watercolor portraits from photos, etc.