Can a Painting be a Memorial?

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Paintings are the expression of emotion. It is observed when you hang a painting it is your thought process visible to everyone. The painting helps to deal with the feelings with giving them the visible shape or the physical shape releasing all other emotions.

Well painting is best used even as therapy. It is good the world is getting more artists to make it beautiful.

The visit to a close friend is always memorable be it even short, the best part you both have the same choice. You can’t have the same decoration pieces as your friend then there will be no difference to visit place.

What can be done?

The painting is loved by everyone and if it is custom painting then it is just like cherry on the top. has unique gifts for you and your loved to give on the occasions anniversary presents, Father’s Day gifts, Mother’s Day portraits, Christmas presents, and memorial keepsakes to commemorate the deceased loved ones.

They create a watercolor family portrait or any photograph of your memory created by combining several photographs. You provide us with all of your family members' and pets' photos, even your deceased loved ones', and we'll create a digital hand painting out of them using a drawing tablet. We may also print an actual physical family art portrait for you.

The best product we have is Watercolor Family Portrait From Merging Photos and has resulted in giving the best memories to people.

Who is the Magician?

Mayy is a designer and an optimist working to create the perfect and thoughtful personalized gifts. The team is guided by her to give the best personalized gifts for loved ones through the digital painting.

Message from the artist

Everyone needs something that piques their interest. For me, it's watercolor painting. Painting is a form of expression for me, an escape from reality. It might be difficult at times, but then it can be thrilling following through with something I'm inspired by. Watercolor allows me to experience those feelings.

I'd love to bring watercolor into your personalized piece of art. To me, each picture has a tale to tell, and I'd always love to hear yours.  We create the custom Handpainted Family Portrait painting from individual photos, Family Portrait from Multiple Photos

The is a digital portal where you order.